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Why Do Men Cheat?

We all know that men cheat – but why?

It would be nice to have only one reason that men cheat – and even better if it was simple enough that their women could put a stop to it.  However, there are many reasons that men cheat and not all of them can be stopped.  However, some things can be changed. Here is some insight as to why men cheat.

  1. Opportunity Came Knocking

Sometimes it really is just that simple.  An opportunity arose – maybe that knockout at the office finally gave him some attention – and he simply couldn’t bring himself to say no.  Men don’t get offers of sex thrown in their face every day, so when they do – some men can’t stop themselves from indulging.


  1. Bedroom Boredom

Sex between partners can become monotonous or even close to non-existent.  If sex between you and partner seems like a basic routine these days, your partner may be getting bored, and could be looking for some sexual excitement elsewhere.  Variety is the spice of life.  Keep your time in the bedroom fresh and exciting.  Change positions, try new things – and keep his attention on you.


  1. Excitement of the Chase

Often, finding a woman who is attractive and wooing them into the bedroom is not only a great boost to the ego, but the process can be exciting.  For some men, it’s even a bragging right to their friends.  If your man feels this way, it will be hard to stop him from cheating.  It’s a game to him, and perhaps you need to set your sights elsewhere.


  1. They’re Allowed

Many times, men start to believe that they are actually allowed to cheat.  When women find out their man cheated, and then stay with him – this gives men the signal that cheating is okay.  If you are staying with your man after he cheated once, be sure he knows that strike two – he’s out!


  1. Love is Lost

People often stay in a relationship even though both partners know deep down that it is over.  Men are rarely the ones who will end a relationship just because the spark has gone.  Instead, he will begin to look elsewhere for emotional and sexual stimulation.  Hooking up with someone else at this point will be justified to him because he knows that it is only a matter of time before the relationship is over anyway.

He Cheated – Should I Give Him a Second Chance?

Should he get a second chance if he cheated?

So you found out he cheated on you.  There are a lot of emotions going through your mind right now.  Most of all you’re wondering if you should give him another chance, or if breaking up with him is the right thing to do – Unfortunately, you are the only one that can decide that.  However, here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

  1. Once a Cheater… Always a Cheater?

Some people believe that if he cheated on you once, he will cheat on you over and over again in the future.  This is not necessarily the case.  If it was truly a one-off situation, it does not mean it will happen again.  Hopefully, he will have learned the lesson.  However, if it was a more meaningful relationship (read: not just a one-night stand) the chances of him doing it again are higher.


  1. Strike TWO – He’s OUT!

If you do decide to give him another chance – give him just ONE more chance.  If he cheats on you again, it’s time to kick him to the curb.  If you were to give him yet another chance after he cheated on you twice, he will start to view this as acceptable behaviour – or at least – behaviour you will put up with.  You don’t need to put up with it.


  1. Can You Live With That Picture?

I know you’ve already imagined the scene in your head of when he cheated on you.  If you give him a second chance are you able to push that image out of your head?  Make sure you can get over it – otherwise, the image will be like a giant elephant in the room whenever you’re together – you’ll be thinking about it, getting mad about it, but know you can’t keep talking about it.


  1. What is He Willing to DO?

Giving him another chance is going to be hard – for both of you.  It will be very difficult for you to trust him in the beginning.  Every time he leaves your side, you may think he’s going to cheat again – and that’s a normal reaction.  If he wants you to give him a second chance he’s going to have to work very hard to earn that trust back.  You will need all your questions answered and he needs to be completely transparent – one little white lie and the trust will crumble even further.