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Finding the G Spot Location

The g spot location has long been a mystery to many, even women. Now the g spot location is well known and there are even toys to help you find it and it’s Fapping time.

How to Pinpoint the G Spot Location

You may be surprised to learn that there is more than one type of orgasm for women (actually there is more than one type for men too, but this article is just for the ladies!) It’s true – women actually can experience up to four different types of orgasms. A vaginal orgasm, a clitoral orgasm, a g spot orgasm, or an anal orgasm. This article is going to be focused on the third type – the g spot ograsm – because it is both the most intense and the hardest one to achieve.

Spotting an Orgasm

In order to get a g spot orgasm, you have to know the g spot location and how to properly stimulate it. The place where the g spot is found is inside the vagina, on the “back wall” of the pubic mound. This can be hard to visualize, so here’s a helpful hint to help you find the spot.  If you were to stick your index finger into your vagina, to find the g spot you would then have to fold your finger back like a hook, so that the tip is pointed toward your belly button. The top of your finger should now be resting at the place of the g spot.

Stimulating the g spot can be tricky from this position. It’s not exactly comfortable to bend your hand in that direction and then flex your fingers with the speed and precision required to trigger a g spot orgasm. So to really have the best chance at getting one of these great orgasms, you’ll either need a partner or a good sex toy.

There are many sex toys designed to help you pinpoint the magic spot’s location.. These toys tend to feature a curved head that points upward so that the tip of the toy naturally rests near the g spot location. This makes using these toys incredibly easy – all you have to do is insert the toy and masturbate as you would with any other sex toy. Not only do you get the usual vaginal stimulation, but you also can enjoy the intensity of g spot stimulation. Many of these toys also feature vibration functions which only enhance the experience more.

If you don’t want to buy a toy but have a partner who is good with their hands, they can easily help you enjoy your g spot. The simplest way is to have them insert their fingers into your vagina and then make a “come hither” motion with their fingers. This motion pretty much can’t miss the g spot, so it’s both simple and effective. Of course, once your partner has learned the basics, they can employ some more sensual techniques to really enhance your g spot pleasure!

She just got cheated on – What NOT to say to your best friend

Avoid saying these things when your best friend gets cheated on.

You got the call from your best friend – tears, sniffles, sobs – she just found out her boyfriend cheated on her.  The first thing you want to do is run over to that guys house and throw rocks through his windows in defense of your best friend (and that’s just the beginning!) but we all know we can’t (shouldn’t) do that.  Instead, you need to be a supportive listener to your friend, and as much as you want to say the following statements – don’t!

  1. “We all saw that coming.”

Getting cheated on is a hard blow to the ego as it is.  Letting your friend know that you and everyone else she knows could see this coming a mile away, while she got side-slapped by surprised – is going to make her feel even lower.  Even if you did see it coming, it is better you act just as surprised as her.


  1. “You guys were never going to get serious anyways, were you?”

You’re trying to make her feel better, but this is not the time to be making judgements on her relationship.  Most people are in a relationship because they can see it going somewhere.  Thinking that people on the outside have a better grasp of their relationship than her, will only make her feel lower.


  1. “I always thought he was an ass.”

Careful!  Even though he cheated on her, it doesn’t give you a free pass to voice anything you don’t like about the guy.  She may decide to give him another chance, and you’re putting your foot in your mouth.  You don’t need to put him down –build up your friend’s confidence again instead.


  1. “It won’t happen again.”

You don’t know this for a fact, so don’t say it. I know it’s exactly what she wants to hear, but she needs to work it out on her own whether or not she believes that is true.


  1. “Dump him!”

You think she should dump him, and maybe she should!  But the decision might not be that easy for her.  People invest a lot of themselves into relationships, and it’s not always easy to pull away.  Besides, dumping someone before you’re truly ready inside will often lead to getting back together again, and possibly breaking up again, etc.  She needs to feel ready on her own time before she can work up the courage to break up with him.